Thai Lettuce Wraps Thumbnail
Thai Pork Lettuce Wraps

Wallet-friendly diet meals are a breeze!

5 Fat Flushing and Cleanse Solutions Thumbnail
5 Fat Flushing and Cleanse Solutions

Cleanse and detox the healthy and delicious way!

Farro-Salad-with-apples-and-walnuts Thumbnail
3 Recipes with Ancient Grains that Aren’t Quinoa

Discover the ancient grains that will have you hooked on more than just quinoa!

Chocolate Banana Wonderland Smoothie Thumbnail
Chocolate Banana Wonderland Smoothie

Indulge in this chocolate and peanut butter treat!

Miso-Orange-Glazed-Salmon-with-Wilted-Kale Thumbnail
Grilling Guide 101

Heat things up this summer with grilling techniques that will make every weekend lunch a celebration!

10 Ways to Make the Healthier Lifestyle Transition Easier THUMBNAIL
10 Easy Ways to a Healthier Lifestyle

Try these simple steps to a healthier you!

Citrus Quinoa Salad

15 Minutes to a light meal or a superfood side dish!

Three Seed Berry Parfait thumbnail
Three Seed Berry Parfait

Quick, light, and healthy delicious!

5-Moves-to-a-Sexy-Summer-Back Thumbnail
4 Moves to a Sexy Summer Back

Time for sleeveless shirts and halter tops.

Sweet Potato Chia Seed Pancakes Thumbnail
Sweet Potato Chia Seed Pancakes

Combine sweet potatoes and chia seeds for a perfect pancake!

Oatmeal Blueberry Protein PancakesThumbnail
14 Day Low-Calorie Weight Loss Menu

Lose the weight but keep the flavor, energy, and nutrition in less than 1200 calories per day!

Fat Scorching Tabata Interval Training Thumbnail
Fat Scorching Tabata Interval Training

Four minutes of exercise that continues burning fat for up to 36 hours!

Slow Cooker Caramelized Chicken Thumbnail
Slow Cooker Caramelized Chicken

Gorgeous slow cooked chicken is a dinnertime star!

Sexy Summer Shoulders Workout Thumbnail
Sexy Summer Shoulders Workout

Get amazing shoulders for tank top season!

Spiced-Cinnamon-Coffee Thumbnail
10 Healthier Alternatives to Your Usual Morning Joe

Clean up your morning coffee with these clean & lean alternatives.

Dijon-Roasted-Cabbage Thumbnail
Weekend Cleanse and Detox Plan

Cleanse and detox this weekend…without feeling hungry!

2 Cleanse and Detox Superfood Salad Thumbnail
Cleanse and Detox Superfood Salad

Cleanse your system any day with this light, refreshing salad!

Beautiful-Biceps-Workout Thumbnail
Fat Burning and Body Toning Workout

One workout does it all! Tone & lose fat with this total body workout for all fitness levels.

27 Ways to Lose Weight Permanently Thumbnail
27 Ways to Lose Weight Permanently

Say goodbye to yo-yo dieting. These tips will help you lose the weight and keep it off permanently!

Mediterranean Tuna Salad thumbnail
Mediterranean Tuna Salad

We love a mayo-less tuna salad.

Fat Burning Interval Training Thumbnail
Fat Burning Interval Training

Learn how to burn fat in record time.

Whole Foods Shopping List for Spring

Asparagus, Rhubarb, Chard, yum, yum!

No Bake Lemon Berry Cups Thumbnails
No Bake Lemon Berry Cups

Combine sweet and tart in this no-bake treat!

Healthier Burrito Pie Casserole Thumbnail
Healthier Burrito Pie Casserole

Slimmed down and Spiced Up!

Goji Berry Superfood Granola Thumbnail
Goji Berry Superfood Granola

Wake up to a healthier breakfast with our delicious superfood granola!

Get-Fit-with-4-4-Minute-Workouts Thumbnail
Get Fit with Four – 4 Minute Workouts

Can you really get fit in just four minutes of working out? Absolutely!

Slow-Cooker-French-Toast-Casserole Thumbnail
10 Healthy Brunch Ideas

Brunching at home is made easy and healthy with our scrumptious recipe list!

6 Ways to Say “See Ya” to Cellulite Before Summer1 Thumbnail
Killer Legs and Butt Workout

Maximize fat loss while toning and defining legs & butt.



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